The Children

Conductive EducationMany children with cerebral palsy and other special needs have benefited from the conductive education provided at the Rose Walton Centre.



Piers aged 8

Piers aged 8 in this photo attended the centre aged 11 months with cerebral palsy.

“At this age he was only able to like down on his back. We have been taught as parents how to achieve his everyday tasks. I really don’t think Piers would be where he is today without the input of the Rose Walton Centre.” – Piers Mum –

Alex aged 4

Alex aged 4 years has cerebral palsy.Alex has many complex needs.

Here he is having acheived his standing task.”Alex has achieved many taks since going to the Rose Walton Centre. We have been given so much help and encouragement. We will always be extremely grateful.” Anne – Alex’s Nan & carer.

Erin joined the centre at age 2

Erin joined the centre this year aged two.

“In this time her fine motor skills, concentration and awareness of the world around her have improved significantly. Erin really enjoys her session at the Rose Walton Centre and gets a lot out of the time spent there.” – Deanne, Erin’s Mum